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Summary of Publications

2018 A Bedroom at Bath. CRM Society Journal, Issue 102 Spring 2018.


Charles Rennie Mackintosh: A Bedroom at Bath. The Museum of Bath at Work,


Imagined Spaces, Literature and Environments. ‘…above the Springs of Wandle’ University of Bristol Conference.


Remembering the Lost Rivers of London. River Restoration Conference, Towcester, Northants. Award winning Poster Paper.


‘The Genesee Would Rebel’: the story of our attempts to tame a river and how it was saved. SUNY/Bath Spa University GALA.


Churchill Fellowship Anniversary, Blenheim, Traditional Water Management in Sri Lanka. Poster Paper.


Remembering the Lost Rivers of London. SUNY Geneseo, New York, USA


The Genius of the Place? Attitudes of women writers to the English Landscape Improvement movement of the eighteenth century. Submitted for Garden History Society Annual Essay Prize


William Morris and the Environment – did he discover it in Iceland? Submitted for Hazlitt Annual Essay Prize


The Beauty of Bath: Engineering in a Georgian city. The Museum of Bath at Work, in conjunction with Horstman Defence Systems Limited.


Conference for the 25th Anniversary of the EIA Directive, EU Environment Directorate, Leuven, Belgium (invited participant)

2010 Keeping a promise: Mitigation in action. Transitioning to the Green economy; 30th annual conference IAIA, Geneva.
2009 Dams: the battleground of Sustainable Development. Closing Plenary address to Waterpower XVI, Spokane, USA.
2009 Troubled Waters. Review of Water Conflicts in India: A Million Revolts in the Making Editors: K J Joy, et al. For Resurgence
2009 Dams: A Battleground. Presentation to the Centre for the History of Technology, University of Bath
2008 Dam. Reaktion Books, London
2008 River Restoration for Social Benefit. River Restoration Conference. Exeter University
2007 Environmental Impact Assessment Workbook (2nd edition) IEM, University of Bath
2007 Water management in Sri Lanka and climate change in UK. Poster paper . International Water History Association. Tampere, Finland.
2006 Traditional Water Management in Sri Lanka and its relevance to the UK for Climate Change. Report to Winston Churchill Memorial Trust.
2004 Integrated Catchment Planning – the case for SEA and EIA. IEMA Annual Conference 2004: plenary session presentation.
2002 Environmental Impact Assessment Handbook: A Practical Guide for Planners, Developers and Communities. Thomas Telford (co-author with Barbara Carroll) (reprinted 2003) (2nd Edition 2009)
2002 A Capital Investment: Innovation in Habitat Creation on the Tidal Thames. In: Proceedings of the CIWEM Rivers and Coastal Group Winter Meeting. London
2001 Dam & Reservoir Development: The Environmental Opportunities. Hydro. Riva del Garda, Italy.
2001 Dam & Reservoir Development: Case Studies in achieving environmental protection and enhancement. Environmentalist
2000 Environmental Mitigation of Dams: The Changing Approach. British Dam Society, Bath
1999 The changing approach to mitigation of environmental impact of reservoirs, IAIA Glasgow
1998 Creating a Coastal Wetland. CIWEM Rivers and Coastal Group Annual Conference, Leamington
1997 Environmental Assessment of Pipelines. Onshore Pipelines Conference, Berlin
1996 Environmental Assessment and Sustainable Development. University of Bradford
1996 Environmental Strategies for Sustainable Development. Water Environment ‘96, London. (CIWEM 1997)
1994 Strategic Environmental Assessment, European Environment Conference, Nottingham
1993 Catchment Management Planning, Second International Conference on EA, Prague
1992 Effect of EA on Water Industry, IWEM, Taunton
1991 Industry and Environment, First International Conference on EA, Prague
1990 EA of the Blashford Lakes Scheme, IWEM, Bournemouth
1987 UK Experience of EA, International Association for Impact Assessment Barbados